after irene

its been two long days in providenciales, with strong winds and heavy rain – there were a lot of damages, mainly trees and a lot of flooding, many areas in the island were out of power for two days and many couldn’t leave home due to floods on the roads. at home we had no power and had two water leaks on the top floor…spring clean day for me today!

what scared me the most is not knowing how bad can it get, we are happy that it’s over – the sun is out and everybody is busy cleaning up their homes and streets.

irene has now passed the bahamas and is a category 1, so we are praying that it doesn’t affect the us east coast…

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pre – irene

irene is scheduled to pass through turks and caicos tomorrow (tuesday) at 8pm local time. it was a tropical storm and has been upgraded to a category one hurricane. i’ve never before experienced a hurricane so didn’t quite know how “things work”, and this is how it’s been so far;

the island was packed this morning, there was traffic everywhere, believe me this is so unusual, momentarilly i felt i was in a city! most petrol stations were closed as they ran out of petrol and the ones still open had neverending cues. we were advised to keep everything inside the house, furniture, bbq’s and anything that could fly with the wind, to make sure it will not make any damages. luckily our place has hurricane proof windows so we don’t need to board them up and our home is a safe shelter. our mobile company texted us advising to top up our phones, in case we have to do without internet and phone connection for a couple of days. we are also advised to stock up our pantry, staple food and water. ships with food containers for hotels and supermarkets will probably not be coming on island on the next days, the flights have been canceled and the airport is closed.unfortunately not everyone has a safe home – some hotels welcome their staff and families to shelter safely at work.

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