wishlist # 3

in-the-mood-for-green by myseastorythis week pantone announced the colour of the year for 2013 – emerald green 17-5641, this has always been one of my colours of choice. green signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment and it represents hope in many cultures. here are a few of my favourite finds in emerald green –

1. bonfire rainforest paper wallpaper by sixhands – 2. chandelle statement earrings – green onyx from oliphant design – 3. portico green silk tee by madewell (on sale!!) – 4. sequined solid waist irregular chiffon dress green from sheinside – 5. filed of flowers postcards by baba souk – 6. flat clutch in green by clare vivier.

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wishlist # 2

since it’s cyber monday today, i thought today i would do some online shopping…currently these area few of my favourite pieces, all from jcrew. they have recently started shipping to all over the world. the perks of shopping from jcrew  (until Dec 30th) is they are voiding all shipping costs and import taxes. we tried it and it works! i might as well enjoy it whilst it lasts!

1. colorblock shell tank top in mauve blush papaya, on sale – 2. toothpick jeans in garment-dyed twill in light citron – 3. printed backup battery for iphone in shocking pink – 4. denim short in faded indigo – 5. bubble necklace in turquoise , on sale – 6. peplum stripe top in black.