cute turtle in pine cay


today was the last dive outing of the season – as most hotels, restaurants and shops will be closed during september, historically hurricane and the low season month.

james filmed this turtle, whilst diving by pine cay – see the turtle eating? how cute is that!?

happy friday & feeling grateful

the bight

it’s been one of those weeks…when monday started we had to get prepared for hurricane irene without really knowing what to expect. tuesday and wednesday were scary days, thursday was clean up day and today i am so grateful that everyone is safe in provo.

we are also getting ready for our first guests at home and looking forward to a great weekend ahead!

after irene

its been two long days in providenciales, with strong winds and heavy rain – there were a lot of damages, mainly trees and a lot of flooding, many areas in the island were out of power for two days and many couldn’t leave home due to floods on the roads. at home we had no power and had two water leaks on the top floor…spring clean day for me today!

what scared me the most is not knowing how bad can it get, we are happy that it’s over – the sun is out and everybody is busy cleaning up their homes and streets.

irene has now passed the bahamas and is a category 1, so we are praying that it doesn’t affect the us east coast…

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