turks and caicos beaches // grace bay beach

when we first moved to provo, we stayed in a house right on the beach, so we got up early and went for a beach walk before work. we were so grateful for our new life.

then we moved to a new place, but a 5 minute walk from the beach, so the morning walks stopped…

and lately i have forced myself to go back to that routine. provo has amazing things –  being close to the beach + good weather + no traffic = no excuses! i would love to share a few pictures of my morning walks at grace bey beach.

i start off at grace bay club and only this gets me in a good mood!

i then head east, towards pelican beach – i see the tourists arriving to the beach from their resorts. the early birds are the ones with kids, or if they are leaving on a day out on the boat. there are a lot of people walking and running too.

i always have to stop at the coral house, it’s the most beautiful house in provo, with no one to see near it and a gorgeous strip of beach right in front.

on the way back i am tired, the sun is usually warmer, but i feel happy to have started the day achieving something!

guest post ~ lila

lila is, in real life, my dear mum, i have previously shared a few things about her stay (here and here), and i can’t think of someone who enjoyed herself as much in provo. in every corner of the island she could see the beauty of it, the beaches, the well taken care gardens, the variety of sea shells. today she is sharing a little of her point of view with you –

what do you think makes turks and caicos (providenciales) so special?

I was in Provo for two weeks, and I think it was Paradise: the weather is good , the beaches are immense with not many people, or no one, the water is  transparent, in different colours of green, turquoise and blue, it is fresh, not cold or warm, the sand is thin and white. Besides, it is a quiet island, with no traffic, with restaurants to go by the sea, never crowded, the food is varied, and so many other things to do.
what were your favorite things to do whilst on island?
Snorkeling, specially in Coral Garden. Walking on the beach while listening to music on my ipod.  Driving around the island and discovering different beautiful beaches, the Bight, Emerald Point, Long Bay, Pelican beach…we counted ten, each nicer than the other. Going to Iguana island with the kayak. Seeing the world  underwater, on a trip with the Undersea Explorer semi sub boat. Having a drink at Grace Bay Club, at the sunset. Dinning at Amanyara (expensive). Going to Conch Shack and try some fried  conch. Having lunch at Somewhere,  a very nice  restaurant at Coral Garden’s. And, above all, the great surprise Joana and James organized, two days at Parrot Cay. That was fabulous!

would you recommend to a friend?

Of course, but not less than ten days. So that they have time to go to those wonderful beaches, and to do many of the different programs we wanted to do, also parasailing, body board, horse riding, etc. It´s worth it!!!!!!!

lobster season

lobster season is over, as of tonight, so no more lobster on restaurant menus, or being cooked anywhere on island. we’re not even allowed to import lobster from somewhere else to make sure the only lobster around here are all under water!

this is a great initiative from the decr, in order to allow lobster enough time to reproduce.

and because i know it’ll be a while until lobster season starts again (august or september), i’ve been getting my lobster fix during the last couple of weeks – lobster linguini from caicos cafe (how will i survive without it for so long…), lobster sandwich from fresh bakery, lobster pot pie from anacaona, and lots of lobster grilling’ at home from provo seafood.


since my mum and sister are on island, we are a bit more active than usual – last week we took them to grace bay club for drinks. (remember THIS picture on instagram?) their infinity bar is definitely the coolest bar on island, and one of my favorite spots too.

the lounge area is also pretty neat – those lanterns, at night, give an awesome effect (would love to have a few in my terrace!) and there’s a fireplace, in case you get the chills!

we went at sunset, had a couple of cocktails and snacked on some conch. we were so tired, it was the perfect early night out after a day in the sun.