providenciales beach guide

myseastory-turks-and-caicos-beach-guidehow many beaches have you visited in turks and caicos? grace bay beach is the longest, beautiful and award winning one, but there are so many more worth a visit. there are still a couple i have never been too (and will have to be on my bucket list for my first visit back!) –

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turks and caicos beaches // leeward beach

we’ve had friends over during this week, and i feel kinda guilty because the weather is not as it should be. since sandy, the sea, beaches and sun have not been in their “usual behavior”…so we’ve been trying extra hard to find the best beach spots for a dream weekend on island.

on a windy day we made a pitch stop in almost every beach on island until we chose the best one – we realized the most easter part of emerald point was less windy and the sea was calmer.

we spent the afternoon sunbathing, collecting shells and watching the kite surfers!

ps – tomorrow we are headed to the first island street food fair – part of the caribbean food & wine festival, that started yesterday.

turks and caicos beaches // babalua

last week i found this new desert beach close to home. a friend suggested we go for a walk on the beach in the afternoon, she had been telling me about this spot for a while.

i like that this beach has two separate bays and lots of stones and rocks give it some personality. and i love that they call it babalua!

babalua beach was deserted, it’s amazing how provo’s beaches are never crowded!

we have such beautiful and easy access to beaches, we often take for granted…sometimes i really have to remind myself to make the most out of island life and provo’s beaches.