happy to be home

so you may have seen, on facebook or instagram, that i have been away for the past couple of weeks. i went to back to portugal for my mum’s birthday and we made a trip to florence to celebrate! it was an amazing couple of weeks. but it’s always nice to be back on island.

this morning i went for a beach walk with a friend and her dog, and it felt like the first time i was on this beach. i mean, i enjoyed it so much as if i didn’t take it for granted. and i felt so grateful.

go check out a few more pictures of the beach today HERE.

half way through

i know we’re almost half way through, but i’m sure there’s still loads of time to make the most out of it. i finished the week with a walk on the beach with a couple of friends…at 6.30 in the morning! at first i thought they were going crazy, but it turns out to be a great way to start the day, and it’s not too hot either. i might make it a good way to start the week too!

enjoy what is left of it – oh and go check my guest post over at my tea break – i’m such a tea addict!

enjoy your weekend

what are you up to this weekend?

i have promised myself i would go back to my beach walks – see this picture? its the walkway to the beach close to home, how can i not go, right? i am also looking forward to an asian lunch at a friends house tomorrow (yumm) and a girl’s get together in the evening! and, of course, relaxing at the beach too – it’s so hot, i just want to get in the water all day.