algarve | portugal

algarve-by-myseastory-1we’ve been on vacation in portugal for almost a month now, time flies and it’s been a roller coaster of short trips and long summer days spent in lisbon catching up with friends and family. our first stop was in the algarve, we drove just a couple of hours from lisbon, and met up with our friends who live in rio de janeiro and are also spending the summer in portugal. our friend, and james, used to live in the algarve before we moved to turks and caicos, so it was nice to visit our favorite spots. Continue reading

colombia | bogotá and cartagena

colombia-by-myseastory-1a couple of years ago we travelled to colombia, i was (6 weeks!!) pregnant at the time, working and way too tired, so i skipped the post on our trip… but now my friends are planning to go and asked me about the post, so i though it would be the perfect excuse to revisit all the tips and pictures to share. Continue reading

lisbon, here we come

10525501_1106480116032969_1913559540_nwe’re on our way to portugal next week. it’ll be warm and nice and we’ll definitely not miss the mosquitoes, or the caribbean summer heat. i’m excited to be home with julia and more than anything for my sister’s weeding next week. i’m trying to prepare my mind for the 8 hour flight we have ahead of us with julia, but at least i have james to help and a lot to look forward to when we get there. Continue reading

what we did in grand turk

grand-turk-by-myseastory-1last week, whilst having dinner with my friend for a much needed catch up, we decided to make an impromptu trip to grand turk. we have both lived in provo for more than 4 years and haven’t visited cockburn town, the capital?! quite embarrassing i admit, but we were determined to change that. Continue reading

my birthday weekend in miami

miami-with-a-toddler-by-myseastory-1a couple of weeks ago, we flew to miami for a weekend with my mum. i was so looking forward to it. but to be honest, it was harder than i expected. julia was very clingy, and i felt like i didn’t have a break – it was way harder to be away from our routine at home. but she was not herself and something was definitely bothering her, either it was because we were not in our environment, or because we were a family of 4 instead of 3 or because she had no idea if we were coming back to her home.

so we tried to plan things around activities that would help her get distracted and entertained. these were the 3 fun things we did with our toddler in miami, and she enjoyed – Continue reading