restaurants closed for the season 2014

my-sea-storyso it’s that time of the year, i guess it starts today, the island gets quiet and so many restaurants close for a month or more. every year i always struggle to know which ones are closed and when will they reopen, so i thought i would do a little research and share the closing and opening dates of my favorite spots.

bugaloo’s – open!!

caicos cafe – last day is 23 Aug (tonight!) – reopening tbc, between 20 and 25 Oct

chinson’s – open!!

da conch shack (pictured above) – open!!

garam masala – last day is 2 Sep – reopening tbc, during the second week of Oct

le bouchon du village – last day is 29 Aug – reopening 13 Oct

lemon 2 go – open!!

somewhere – last day is 21 Sep – reopening 6 Oct

stix (now at the west bay club) – open!!

via veneto – last day is 31 Aug – reopening 17 Oct

hey, let me know if there are any other food spots you would like know, and i’ll add them to the list!

ps – places to eat in turks & caicos


island fish fry

last week we headed to the bight for dinner at the weekly fish fry, we had heard so much about it, we were dying to try it out.

the fish fry is a new event, held every thursday, organized by the tourist board and lime, and featuring local music and food.

there was music, dance – and my favourite, junkanoo – and food stalls from most of the island restaurants featuring local food – fried fish, cracked conch, jerk chicken or fried lobster with rice and peas, mac and cheese, corn on the cob or fried plantain.

it was packed, with locals, residents and tourists, so i recommend going early.

head over for more pictures and also a great post on the weekly fish fry.

picture taken by james of henry the conch and me.

stix / providenciales

a bunch of our friends were raving about stix, so we decided to check it out last weekend. it’s the new pop up restaurant and bar, right on the beach, by grace bay club, it opened 6 weeks ago, and all food is served on sticks.

what i most liked about it is that you actually have your feet on the sand, so it’s perfect if you like going for walks on the beach (like i do!!!) and stop by stix for a casual lunch with mojitos or an afternoon drink!

also, it gives such a good ambiance to the beach, if you know what i mean – sea, sand, sun and good food? yes, please! this is why i love living in provo. we tried a little bit of almost everything, i was most curious about the lion fish skewer, since it’s considered a plague in the caribbean sea, we never see it in restaurant menus, and yet it is delicious!

the jerk roasted corn on the cobb is apparently a best seller, and flavours  that are totally unexpected. if you try this one, i guarantee you’re going back for more!

stix is planned to be open until july, it opens daily from 11am until sunset, for more info, contact grace bay club on 649 946 5050.

ps – other food spots in turks and caicos.

Edit – stix is now located at the west bay club resort, and we still love going for a casual meal with our feet in the sand :)

bugaloo’s / providenciales

i love how they have rearranged this place, where most people didn’t even know there was such a beautiful site. we come to five cays once in a while, for the banana bread at liz bakery or the lobsters at provo seafood, and we like it because it is so un-touristic.

we’ve been to bugaloo’s a couple of times, first when it opened last year, and then again last week. they keep turtles and bunnies, so kids always have a good time looking around.

conch is their speciality, but last time we tried the cracked lobster and i tell you, it is so, so good. i think the restaurant has been busier than they thought it would, so service can be slow, just make sure you are not in a hurry when coming here. i like it that you meet locals, residents and tourists all in one place too.

for more information, check bugaloo’s facebook page.

a few new food spots in provo

it’s the first weekend in january and we’re excited to try out a few new places on island, like 1) LE BOUCHON DU VILLAGE, open for lunch and dinner, the new french bistro opened last week, it has an amazing atmosphere and i hear the steak au poivre is amazing. 2) BUGALOO’S CONCH CRAWL, the new local food restaurant by the beach in five cays, the setting is beautiful, opened late last year. 3) LUPO, the new italian i can’t wait to try for their pizza, due to open next week. 4) STIX, the new grace bay club’s pop up bar by the beach.

i was talking to a friend and telling her how lucky i am that since we moved on island so many new places have opened. since i love food and eating out so much, having restaurant choices is really important for me – what can i say!

happy weekend!!

ps.  i took this picture of a turtle “popping-up” at the turtle cove marina, on this day.