about mardi gras

mardi-gras-by-myseastory-3i’m no mardi gras expert, but was lucky to experience it for the first time this year, as a local, or sort of – and let me tell you a few things about it:

the energy in the city overall is amazing, everyone is happy and in good moods, locals, and tourists alike, are riding their bikes (yes, traffic gets hectic too and impossible to find a parking spot), the houses are all decorated with the mardi gras colours (purple, green and gold), everyone’s having parties and eating king cake, and there’s music all over.

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and some news


we’re moving, friends, yes, again, and this time to north california – and berkeley it is! we’ve known for a couple of weeks now, but to be honest it’s been so hectic on this side of the hood, that i hadn’t made it a point to sit, plan and share.

if you haven’t heard about it, it’s where the university of berkeley is located – a city in the east shore of the san francisco bay, actually directly opposite to the golden gate!! they say the weather in the summer is similar to typically mediterranean, but with foggy nights and mornings. and if you know me, i’ve been doing my research around instagram and blogger’s tips, and there’s some really cool restaurants, coffee shops and more.

we’re sad to leave this amazing city, so lucky to have lived here for the past months and experience mardi gras as locals too. sometimes life surprises us, we’ve been really happy in new orleans, but we’re always excited for new adventures.

i still have a lot to share about our life here and our favorite spots, so bare with me and follow along here for live updates.

ps – i guess i’ll be putting these into practice again

revelator coffee / new orleans

revelator-coffee-by-myseastory-1revelator coffee has been one of my favorite discoveries in new orleans. originally from birmingham, alabama, they recently opened a coffee shop in the central business district. i somehow found about it through instagram, and since it’s conveniently located close to the louisiana children’s museum, i make it a point to treat myself to the best coffee in the city, before bringing julia for playtime.

i love their aesthetic, their snacks from gracious bakery and their no frills coffee menu. julia loves to get a small to go cup with creamy milk, it’s such a nice detail that they do this for her, and it makes her feel included in the coffee plan too. i ain’t no coffee expert, but to me, this is the best coffee in the city – go see for yourself.


ps – other cool new orleans spots here

shaya / new orleans

shaya-by-myseastory-1 we’ve been living in new orleans for 2 month now, and we’re slowly trying out new restaurants, and creating my list of favorite spots in the city (a little bit like my turks & caicos guide). shaya is definitely on top of the list to take friends and family visiting. you would’ve never guessed but this new favorite of mine, featuring modern israeli cuisine, is not really what you’d think to find in new orleans.

chef alon shaya has won the james beard award for 2014, and shaya, the restaurant, won the best new restaurant in america by esquire – no wonder everyone in new orleans talks about it.

shaya-by-starchefslucky me, it is located only a few blocks from home, and the restaurant is casual enough that i can bring julia for lunch. we ordered a few things to share and a hot moroccan green tea flavored with mint and honey to drink as we sat outside in their patio, it was one of those sunny chilli days. the freshly baked pita bread, baked in their wood fired pizza oven, was constantly being ‘refilled’ popping hot, and delicious.

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happy thanksgiving y’all!

happy-thanksgiving-by-myseastory-2015from new orleans to wherever you are, and if you’re in the us, hope you have a great holiday weekend! we’re taking it easy, going out for a meal and excited to have a mini stay cation in new orleans.

this year i am thankful for my health, for my family, for my friends, old and new, and for our new home, and of course for every moment that i get to spend with my daughter and see her grow.

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