mum to julia, lover of food and travel enthusiast, obsessed with bread and slightly addicted to coffee :)

i started blogging about my island life when we lived in the Turks & Caicos Islands, and then i went on, New Orleans, Berkeley and Lisbon. i’ve always had travel diaries, so it only makes sense – also, i’m obsessed with keeping track and giving recommendations of my favourite spots, wherever i live, wherever i travel to.

here i share some of my adventures, at home and away, but mostly you’ll find me on instagram. you can also find me on myplaystory and here –

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feel free to email me or just say hello – at joana(at)myseastoryblog(dot)com .

9 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Boa tarde,

    O meu nome é Sofia Pires e faço parte do Colectivo 71.86, ainda recente e com muitos projectos em mente. :)
    Gostaria de saber se seria possível fornecer-me o seu email directo, pois teria todo o gosto em apresentar-lhe uma proposta no âmbito do colectivo relacionada com o seu blog.

    O meu email é sofia.colectivo7186@gmail.com. Agradeço o seu contacto.

    Melhores cumprimentos,
    Sofia Pires

  2. your blog just made me even *more* excited to be close to waters like these! didn’t think that was possible. you’re truly living the life :)

  3. –Querida Joana
    Tenho-me deliciado com o seu blog. Paisagens paradisiacas acompanhadas das suas descrições fazem-me viajar. Que bom…Obrigada. Vou continuar a acompanhar.
    E como sei que hoje ´faz anos um grande beijo de PARABENS e um óptimo dia.
    Mucha Rhodes-Sérgio
    (amiga da sua Mãe – bridgista das 3ª feiras)

  4. Lovely blog! We have just moved to Provo a month ago. We are originally from South Africa and lived in The UK for twelve years before moving here. It is so nice to be somewhere warm again! Hope to meet you some time.

    • Welcome to provo chanelle, it is so nice to have another blogger on island!
      Do let me know if you need anything, we should definitely meet up sometime soon!

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