bafe1bc9fa4502a464700127a13c0099almost a year ago, when we first moved to berkeley and we stayed at an hotel for a month, i really struggled to keep julia busy, and on rainny days it was extra hard to keep her away from the screen. so i started searching for activities to do with her in our hotel room. i found that pinterest and instagram are two amazing sources for inspiration. there are a gazillion ideas, perfect to keep her busy when i needed some extra time to shower or distract her from the ipad.

i keep mostly to easy prep activities, repeat some the next month and usually have a few up my sleeve (aka on my drawer) for emergencies at home, brunch dates or even for a flight.

these are a few of my favourite if you would like to see –



follow my new-ish instagram account myplaystory for some ideas or check out pinterest for so many more, if you’re into this kind of things :)

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