julia 49 / 52

julia-5152we had a very different christmas this year, missing my family and friends, but it was nice to have a quiet one and certainly less stressful than usual – i tried the 4 gift approach with julia (something to wear, something to read, something she really wants, something she needs), needless to say her favourite gift were the m&m’s she had been dreaming about for months ♡

ps – we took this picture last week when we were visiting julia’s granmother in southern california,  i liked the background because it reminds me of portuguese tiles – it almost looks like a first day of school picture :)

a weekly portrait of my daughter at age 2

3 thoughts on “julia 49 / 52

  1. Not easy to shop for. Julia only wants to wear her fav Vans with donuts print and hates new clothes. Imagine her in a few years from now. Daddy, i want this and this! Lol

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