on instagram lately / 13

december-instagram-by-myseastorydecember went by too fast, actually the whole year did, time seems to fly when you’re a mum!! we finally got our boxes from turks & caicos, but these arrived a few days before flying to lisbon for our christmas vacation, so i just let them be…real proof that we don’t actually need as much stuff as we think we do.

our vacations in lisbon always evolve around family get togethers, eating as much delicious food as we can and trying to meet up with old friends. i love seeing julia spending time with the family and playing with my friends’ kids, and it breaks my heart that this can’t be part of our daily life. but every time we visit, it’s really special, and we’ll treasure these moments forever.

2 thoughts on “on instagram lately / 13

  1. Joana, este último mês tem sido espectacular, com a Júlia como estrela principal.
    We’ll MISS HER…and you.

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