merry christmas to you all


merry christmas to all of you who celebrate – we have a weekend full of family events ahead. i always wonder how people around the world celebrate christmas in different ways.

on christmas eve we usually have cod fish for dinner, it’s a portuguese tradition, we’re meeting  my mom’s side of the family and then head over to mass at midnight. on christmas day we eat roast beef for lunch for my dad’s family get together. there’s also tons of desserts, mostly traditional portuguese made with egg yolks and sugar (i know, very heavy but so good) and always chocolate mousse too! we’ll sing christmas songs, light up the fireplace and gather around to open our gifts.

we’re specially excited this year, because it’s julia’s 1st christmas with our family, and although she has still no expectations, she is pretty stoked about the christmas tree and the holiday mood overall ♡

ps – christmas last year in turks & caicos

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