snippets of our turks and caicos home

mansions-by-myseastory-3we’re loving it in new orleans, but sometimes we still think about turks & caicos… our friends, our routines, our usual spots, and of course our home with our favorite little things. i will always have great memories of our turks & caicos home.

mansions-by-myseastory-2we lived in a condo on grace bay beach, and were so lucky to have lived there for julia’s first years – stroll to the grocery store and our favorite coffee shop and head to the pool or the best beach in the world right at our footsteps. it was priceless and i feel very grateful for it.


we’ve been living with what we brought with us on the flight from turks & caicos to new orleans and are anxious, to say the least, to open our boxes (which have finally arrived today!!) and start making our new home look a little bit more like our home. can you believe it’s taken exactly 2 months to get here?

ps – my life in turks and caicos with a baby and best time of the year to travel to turks & caicos

2 thoughts on “snippets of our turks and caicos home

  1. Wow this brought back so many memories from my wedding, It’s so stunning at T&C. I wish i could snap my fingers and be back there. I am so grateful that i have amazing pictures by Mermaid Pictures and Printing to go back to. Having good pictures taken goes a long way. Don’t skimp out on that!

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