a few days in new york

new-york-by-myseastory-21a few weeks ago, we went on a quick trip to new york. james had to go for work, so julia and i were all in for tagging along :) he worked all day, whilst julia and i went out exploring, and then we would meet up for dinner.

here’s a few pictures of our trip if you’d like to see (get ready for lot’s of julia pictures…i really have to get better at asking strangers to take pictures of us!) –


one thing i learned from traveling with julia, sometimes you have got to improvise, but it really helps when i bring her own bib, bowl and cutlery!


we stayed at the ace hotel, and although it’s not the child friendliest hotel i’ve ever stayed at, everyone was so nice and accommodating. julia really enjoyed our daily long breakfasts at the breslin, our afternoon coffee dates at stumptown coffee (coffee for me and a sparkling water with a straw for julia), playing with the coolest mini bar in our room, and dancing to the dj’s music at the lobby in the evenings :)


ice skating pretend – same fun!new-york-by-myseastory-2new-york-by-myseastory-15new-york-by-myseastory-16new-york-by-myseastory-5

no more food to feed the sheep…say what?new-york-by-myseastory-3new-york-by-myseastory-7

we went to madison’s square park’s playground (a lot), visited the children’s museum of manhattan, strolled the highline, and went on a date with her cousin to central park’s zoo and petting zoo, which was definitely her favorite thing to do in new york.new-york-by-myseastory-4

ps – last year’s family weekend in new york


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