5 things i am loving about new orleans

5-reasons-to-love-new-orleans-by-myseastoryit’s been a month since we moved here, we checked out of our airbnb, found a nice little new orleans house that we’ll be calling home, bought a car, and have all the essentials we need to start living like a local. our moving phase is almost done, and we’re ready to start enjoying our weekends – no more packing, yay!

that being said, here’s the 5 top reasons why we’re in love with this city (so far) –

  • the weather is perfect (to me), it’s not too hot (hello turk & caicos) nor it is ever freezing. jeans, boots, a t-shirt and a sweater is just about my favorite uniform right now. julia’s been having a little bit of a hard time wearing socks or boots, but that’s another story…
  • the commute to work ain’t bad at all. i don’t think we’ll ever beat james’ 3 minute drive to work in turks & caicos, but i can’t complain about a 10 minute drive in a city. we take him to work and pick him up every day, and it’s ok. and that’s about what it takes us to get pretty much anywhere.
  • it’s a super walkable city, most of it is plain, and there’s a cute house in every block, coffee shops and boutiques to look at. there’s also loads of squirrels and a lot of people own dogs, so it’s very entertaining for julia and i. and walking is actually my favorite form of exercising.
  • it’s a foodie city, what can i say, and if you know me, this makes me the happiest. the food scene here is insane, there’s a huge blend of local seafood, cajun, french, italian, vietnamese, you name it. hello, crab galore. and then add delicious cocktails to this.
  • there’s a lot of things to do with kids, which is a nice change from our lifestyle back in provo. julia and i have been spending a lot of time together, and it’s been fun to explore all the fun kid activities, like the children’s museum, the aquarium and zoo, audubon and city park, my spinning classes, to name a few. boredom is certainly not an option.

and happy monthaversary to us in the crescent city!

ps – read about our fun packed first week in new orleans here

3 thoughts on “5 things i am loving about new orleans

  1. hopefully when the Ace hotel opens, i can start taking the electric street cars on St. Charles to work. i would love to ride a vespa to work but there is alot of road works right now.

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