julia 40 / 52

julia-4052julia at 21 months – i love this picture of julia, maybe because she’s happily posing for me, and i think is because she now knows new orleans is our new home. she had a difficult beginning in our new city, a lot of tantrums, nightmares and tears..but all of a sudden she’s back to herself, to being naughty and funny, and she’s been a great buddy! ♡

(we found this mural in downtown new orleans by street artist kelsey montague and immediatly felt our moods lifted :)

a weekly portrait of my daughter

2 thoughts on “julia 40 / 52

  1. Loving all of your updates as you settle in to nola. Change is hard even for the little ones! So glad to hear that Ms. Julia is back to her sweet and sassy self! Hope you are doing well and adjusting to your new home too!!

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