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september is typically the quietest month on island, it’s the peak of tropical storms and hurricane season, and most restaurants are closed for vacation and refurbishment. ours was quite the opposite, with all the packing and organizing for our move. it was also a very emotional month, saying “see you soon” (would hate to say good bye!), spending as much time as we could with our friends and trying to make the most out of (barefoot) island life – we still managed to fit in one more trip to parrot cay and a long overdue weekend in south caicos. now, we’re so ready for what october has to offer!

3 thoughts on “on instagram lately / 10

  1. Hello!!! Find your blog was perfect at this moment of my life. I’m planning to move to the island in 1 month. I’m from and island in Venezuela and right now live in dubai with my wife and 1 year old kid. We really never adapted to a big city and we love the idea to go back to the island life, but we also see that is a small island. We are wondering a few things like how much is the rent of an apartment, we can buy a car or motorcycle, electronics (we like to be conect all the time to our home country) we can find to buy laptops or cell phones. The possibilities of regular entertaining like movies o theater it’s possible? And one of most important thing that we want to know, how is school it offer a good education? It’s expensive?

    Thank you very much!!!

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