saying goodbye to turks and caicos

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we’re about to board to new orleans as i finish writing this post. moving from a quiet island to a small but busy city is going to be quite the change. i know i’m going to miss turks and caicos, our home, my barefoot beach life, the weather and the laid back life everyone loves, and mostly my friends.

but i think i’ll miss the smaller nuances of the island too – these are the things that make turks and caicos, and provo, special to me. they are my favorite hidden gems on island, and are the places that made me feel at home here (beware, there’s a lot of food talk ahead) –

  • almost daily coffee dates (and playdates) with the friendliest team at lemon 2 go
  • friday happy hours with the kids at via veneto, and their bresaola pizza on pizza nights
  • mid week lunches at somewhere, oh those pulled pork tacos
  • linguini fra diavola at caicos cafe, best lobster dish on island
  • baby group playdates and russian tea cakes at melt
  • stocking on wine and french cheese at turquoise
  • spinning classes at rock it hot, to make up for all the eating…
  • monthly (pre-julia!!) massages at anani spa
  • super relaxing yoga at retreat the cutest studio on island
  • favorite mani pedi girls at luxury
  • beach walks on the best beach in the world

thanks to everyone who has been following my turks and caicos adventure on the blog – your emails, comments and tweets helped motivate me to explore the islands and stay inspired. turks and caicos is a very special place and myseastory has brought me that.

(i will not miss the mosquito bites, sandflies, the unbearable heat during summer months and my sweating all day…)

ps – 10 things i love and don’t love about living in provo (back in 2012 but still very accurate)

6 thoughts on “saying goodbye to turks and caicos

  1. Yes you may miss all the wonderful things about Provo…but I know you’ll find new exciting adventures…! Have a wonderful new life ! Enjoy !

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