field trip to the conch farm

conch-farm-by-myseastory-5earlier this week we went on a field trip to the conch farm. it’s the only commercial conch farm in the world and in 30 minutes we had a tour of the farm, going through the process of cultivating the caribbean queen conch.

it was super informative, easy to follow and interesting – conch has been the staple of the caribbean diet for many years – but mostly because we eat so much conch since we moved here!

sadly, most of the conch cultivated in the farm is exported to florida, and the amanyara resort, being the only local restaurant buying from the farm.


the staff were so knowledgeable and super friendly with the kids, allowing them to pick up the little conch shells in their early stages. at the end of the tour we met sally and jerry – they are so used to being around people, they won’t be shy and will come out of their shells to say hi :)


if you’re visiting turks and caicos, i highly recommend stopping by the conch farm. for more info, go here.

ps – more things to do in turks and caicos

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