lisbon, here we come

10525501_1106480116032969_1913559540_nwe’re on our way to portugal next week. it’ll be warm and nice and we’ll definitely not miss the mosquitoes, or the caribbean summer heat. i’m excited to be home with julia and more than anything for my sister’s weeding next week. i’m trying to prepare my mind for the 8 hour flight we have ahead of us with julia, but at least i have james to help and a lot to look forward to when we get there.

so lisbon friends, spill the beans, what are the new best spots around town? lisbon is bustling with new stores, coffee shops and restaurants, i can’t wait to try some and am preparing a list of new spots to check out during our vacation.

i have a few posts planned to go up whilst i’m there, but will mostly be enjoying family time, and obviously posting tons on instagram ♡

11378158_1444191635890140_829983775_n 11378893_100762293600637_1890623563_n 11410471_696255910520935_496493249_n

and how amazing are these pictures of portugal by instagrammer irina andreea popescu? her pictures totally blow my mind…and make me home sick :)

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