his dive story / 48

woopa, james is back with a special diving post on grand turk!

his-dive-story-48aWell, everyone has been telling me that I have to fly to Grand Turk and dive there as it is just amazing. The reef wall is less than 5 min from shore, I mean literally, the minute you board the skiff, sit down, put your gear on and bam! You are there! We stayed at Bohio Dive Resort and it was a great choice as the accommodation was better than expected and the food was just amazing. You must try the Saturday night buffet and get the bbq ribs, slow cooked to order. You will meet other expats on island and guests/divers from the resort. I took the Saturday noon flight from Provo to GT and immediately after getting off, grabbed a taxi to the resort, checked in and went straight for my first dive that afternoon with my dive gear bag still on my back. Ollie is the DM at the Bohio Resort, very experienced and knowledgeable. He is from Salt Cay where he also runs a dive operation. We had some local residents who joined the one afternoon dive. One was the surgeon for the only hospital on island and a group of 3 divers, 2 of whom have been on island for over 2 months.The dive was called Black Forest as it is a drop off with loads of black corals growing right off the wall.    It was a great dive and reminded me of the dives at the Channel in Provo.

his-dive-story-48e his-dive-story-48f his-dive-story-48g his-dive-story-48h his-dive-story-48i his-dive-story-48j his-dive-story-48d his-dive-story-48c his-dive-story-48bThe second day was a two tank dive in the morning I went with Oasis Divers who was highly recommended by my local dive operator in Provo (Provo Turtles). Steve and Mack were great DM. Steve had a student and Mack took the rest out on their dives. My fav of the two dives was McDonald’s Arches, to the right of Bohio Resort. The reef life was just amazing and abundant but you wouldn’t see any reef sharks or any of the larger fish but the reef is pristine condition. It was like the reef does not get a lot of divers on it. Reminded me of when we first did Blue’s Ledge at Northwest Point after a new mooring was installed.Anyway, check out the video of the reef wall as I am diving directly above it at around 20M.There are also some pics of small sea life.

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