what we did in grand turk

grand-turk-by-myseastory-1last week, whilst having dinner with my friend for a much needed catch up, we decided to make an impromptu trip to grand turk. we have both lived in provo for more than 4 years and haven’t visited cockburn town, the capital?! quite embarrassing i admit, but we were determined to change that.


grand-turk-by-myseastory-4we flew with intercaribbean, just a short 25min flight and a $70 fare and were ready to explore the quaint island of grand turk.

once the busiest island, grand turk is still the historic centre of the turks and caicos, if you’re looking for caribbean heritage, this is where to find it.

grand-turk-by-myseastory-5 grand-turk-by-myseastory-6grand-turk-by-myseastory-8grand-turk-by-myseastory-7 grand-turk-by-myseastory-9grand-turk-by-myseastory-10 we stayed at the bohio, a ’boutiquey’ resort located on pillory beach, just north of cockburn town. we spent most of our time in the beach and pool, the staff were so friendly and the food was surprisingly delicious.

there were always beach toys and bicycles available, julia was so happy to just run around. but what blew her mind were the dogs, donkeys and horses she saw during our stay.

donkeys and horses roam freely in the wild throughout the island – we often saw them approaching the resort in search for water and food.


while we loved relaxing in the resort, in the afternoon we took a trip to gibb’s cay, which is a 20min boat ride from where we stayed.

we were stoked by the beauty of this cay and surprised by how friendly the stingrays were – approaching the beach and interacting with us.

there is an abundance of conch in grand turk – unfortunately no longer the case in providenciales, due to the high demand from tourism – and although it is no longer a novelty for us, we had the freshest and most delicious conch salad i have ever had, prepared right there for us. (shown in picture is a different type of conch found in rocks and apparently delicious for stews).

grand-turk-by-myseastory-21grand-turk-by-myseastory-22 grand-turk-by-myseastory-23 grand-turk-by-myseastory-24 grand-turk-by-myseastory-25grand-turk-by-myseastory-26 grand-turk-by-myseastory-27

(crazy hair, don’t care!)

on our last morning we took a golf cart and drove to front street, it was nice to be out in the local town and see all the colonial style buildings and colorful little houses right on the water.


we loved our visit to this beautiful island. i definitely recommend grand turk for a day trip from providenciales! it was my favorite place to explore since we moved to turks and caicos.

during our stay the island was very quiet and calm, which we really enjoyed, but on our last day there were tourists everywhere, at the resort, on the streets, and all the little shops were open because the cruise ship had arrived that morning. make sure you check grand turk port schedule wether you like to enjoy a quieter stay or you prefer it busier.

ps – a day trip to north and middle caicos a few years ago

2 thoughts on “what we did in grand turk

  1. Joana, que espectáculo!! Fiquei com tanta vontade de ir aí, deve ser tão bom, por tudo… Já vi que, se e quando pudesse, ia ter de ter tempo para visitar não só Providenciales mas também Grand Turk! As fotografias estão giríssimas e a Julia, para variar, um amor. Parabéns!

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