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guest-post-rita-1my cousin rita finally came to visit – she’s not only my cousin, my bestie and almost like my sister. and it felt strange, in some way, that she wasn’t part of my life here in turks and caicos. it was specially nice having her, meeting our friends, showing her our favorite places and being part of our routine for a week, helping me plan the meals for the week and much needed catch ups!

so i asked her a few questions about her stay in turks and caicos and this is what she thought –

guest-post-rita-3what were your favourite things to do during your vacation in turks and caicos?

I really enjoyed going on a boat ride with island vibes, not getting tired of admiring the clear blue sea. I also really enjoyed stopping by Blue Hills and taking pictures of the coloured houses. But mainly, it was really cool to explore a different beach everyday!

which was your favorite beach?

I loved spending a whole afternoon relaxing in Taylor Bay. We had the beach for ourselves (regardless it was a saturday), the water was so clear and the sand so fine that I just wanted to stay there forever. Plus, there was this huge tree with a great shade where you could protect yourself from the vibrant sun. Also, I just loved Grace Bay, which I considered “my” beach. Being 50 feet from home, I went there everyday: for a run, a walk, a swim, or just simply lay out and read my book, whilst spying on people passing by!

guest-post-rita-4which was your favorite restaurant?

When travelling, I always like to try local food, so I would have to say that Da Conch Shack was one of my favourite restaurants. It’s super relaxed, I got to try Conch, which is a speciality in Turks and Caicos, but most of all – we ate barefoot on the beach! For a more romantic scenario, I loved having a cocktail at the Infinity Lounge, Grace Bay Club. It’s a must go, specially at sunset! And at last, Via Veneto just made me dream of Italy and its wonderful food!

guest-post-rita-2are there any tips you would give someone planning to visit turks and caicos?

Travel light: I would recommend people not to bring a lot of clothes. The Island life is informal and easy going. Wear sunscreen: and if possible, put it at home before leaving the house – this way, you will avoid annoying sunburns. Carpe Diem: get ready for a tropical weather – it may probably rain during your stay, but know that most likely it will go away quickly. No expectations: about shopping or souvenirs to take back home. This is a trip where the only thing you will carry back with you are memories, and what wonderful memories!…
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