savour saveur sushi / providenciales


every time we leave the island, going out for good sushi is high on my to do list. we have yoshi’s and had sora (now closed), but was so excited when i heard about the launching of savour saveur.

we are big sushi fans in this house, and if we add take away to the equation, we love it even more. savour saveur is the sister company of the delicious crust breads and pastries, launched by chef eric vernice late last year.

savour-saveur-sushi-by-myseastory-2there’s 3 different boxes to chose from, with 8 pieces each: the four seasons, which includes a crab roll, a salmon roll, a tuna roll and a shrimp roll; the ocean, which includes a red tuna roll and a salmon roll; and the vegetarian, which includes a vegetable roll and an exotic fruit roll.

available at IGA, custom made party size platters can also be ordered. also, they have recently launched their new meals to go, available at IGA, which i have yet to try.

savour-saveur-sushi-by-myseastory-3ps – other posts on food option in turks and caicos

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