events in turks and caicos you don’t want to miss

turks-and-caicos-events-by-myseastory-10i often think of the best time to travel to turks and caicos, and although the weather might be the main factor influencing your decision, there are happenings in provo that i wouldn’t want to miss – that is, if you’re looking to experience the local culture too.

these ones you shouldn’t miss – 

turks-and-caicos-event-by-myseastory-6island fish fry – held every thursday at the bight, in providenciales, featuring local food, music and arts and crafts (find out more here)

turks-and-caicos-events-by-myseastory-4valentine’s day cup – a model sailboat race on bambarra beach in middle caicos held annually in february (find out more here), on this weekend!
turks-and-caicos-events-by-myseastory-1middle caicos crab fest –  an event showcasing local land crab, held in june every year on bombarra beach, in middle caicos, (find out more here), make sure you bring plenty of mosquito spray!

windvibes – is the annual kiteboarding festival, held in july, this event encompasses  many of the turks and caicos’s sports including kiteboarding, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, volleyball and swimming with the race for the conch.
turks-and-caicos-events-by-myseastory-2providenciales conch festival – sampling of conch dishes from the participating restaurants, mojito competition, and local music amongst other activities (find out more here)


caribbean food and wine festival – a three-day event that brings together renowed local and international chefs, and winemakers, and a local street food fair too (find out more here)

turks-and-caicos-events-by-myseastoryarts and crafts expo – showcasing arts and crafts, it takes place on a weekend in december every year, at the salt mills plaza, providenciales (find out more here)

turks-and-caicos-events-by-myseastory-3maskanoo – featuring a street parade and local music, it takes place on grace bay road in providenciales, on december 26th every year. (find out more here)

are there any other events that you like, taking place in turks and caicos? am i missing out on any other fun local festivals? would love to know!

ps – some other things to do in turks and caicos

(fish fry picture by island life and times, maskanoo picture by island life and times, caribbean food and wine festival picture from their facebook page)

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