hanging out at the beach the other day

hanging-out-at-the-beach-by-myseastory-3i haven’t posted any beachy pictures lately, and i know my friends and family back home are dying to see our white sandy beaches and turquoise sea, to make up for their cold and rainny days.

hanging-out-at-the-beach-by-myseastory-2i have mentioned before, this is my favorite time of the year in turks and caicos (for me who live here), the hot and humid summer is over and it’s perfect to stroll with julia around grace bay, go for beach walks without worrying about sunburns and turn the air conditioning down (and the power bill!!) – but we don’t really hang out at the beach much. it’s still hot, don’t get me wrong, we wear flip flops, shorts and t-shirts, we just don’t get in the water as much. i think we just got used to the warm water temperature in the summer season.

hanging-out-at-the-beach-by-myseastory-6but a the other day it wasn’t too hot, or raining, so mid late afternoon i took julia out to the beach to hang out a little. wishful thinking i brought a blanket and some toys, hoping she could get entertained and “under control”.

hanging-out-at-the-beach-by-myseastory-4oh boy was I wrong, all she wants to do is crawl around the sand dunes. in no time, she had sand all over, and looked like she was loving it! the fun ended when she decided to scratch her eyes with her sandy hands…:(

hanging-out-at-the-beach-by-myseastory-1i miss the buzz of city life a lot, but i know we are so lucky to get to hang out at the beach any day, all year long :)

ps – beaches in turks and caicos

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