made in turks and caicos / from scratch

from-scratch-by-myseastory-1my friend annie is an awesome baker, the first time i met her she was making a gorgeous barbie cake for a 3 year old, but the best part was the cake tasted like heaven.

she is now making delicious macarons from scratch, here in turks and caicos – hence the name.

from-scratch-by-myseastory-3from-scratch-by-myseastory-2i love the raspberry, pistachio, dark chocolate, coffee or vanilla, but the lemon is a favorite of mine. and i’m all about her sweet branding too!

from-scratch-by-myseastory-4if you would like to order, you can contact annie directly through her facebook page from scratch – you will no longer live without them! watch out for the holiday flavors coming out soon…pumpkin spice? gingerbread? Yes please!

first picture by me, all other by annie.

ps – more products made in turks and caicos HERE

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