tci organics

tci-organics-by-myseastory-3my friend simone just launched tci organics in turks and caicos (only providenciales, for now),  more or less like the csa subscription in the us – all fruits and vegetables are organic – but because we barely have any local agriculture, all produce is brought in from the dominican republic, an island that is so close to us and have so many rich fruits and vegetables.

so last week we gave it a try, and this is what we got in our box…


i was excited for the surprise factor and so happy to get a box full of produce smelling like they just came out of the fields. i’ve already used most of the vegetables, i don’t think i’ve ever had a celery that smelled so good and the pineapple was mouthwatering.

can’t wait to see what we get on next week’s batch!

the tci organic boxed will be delivered every two weeks, and each box has a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs for $35 each. if you would like to receive a box, you can sign up by visiting their facebook page TCI Organics – hurry, stock is limited!

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