tropical storm cristobal

my-sea-story-tropical-stormthe storm has finally calmed down, after being stuck at home for three days, provo is flooded and so are other turks and caicos islands. luckily, we stocked up on food saturday morning, just after dropping off my family at the airport, probably for the last flight that flew out of providenciales before the storm. the airport was flooded and the flights canceled until today. living here, we are all used to being out a lot, so we all got a little bit of cabin fever during the past days.

i didn’t get any pictures of the flooded roads on the island – there are loads on facebook – but don’t remember irene, three years ago, being so harsh. at least, this time, i knew – more or less – what to expect.

pictured, grace bay beach today, julia and i were so happy to finally get out for a beach stroll.

ps – this video, taken last sunday here in provo, made me smile :)

One thought on “tropical storm cristobal

  1. we arrived the day before the storm started… :(…. one day on a fabolous beach and three days in a …faboulous hotel room…. I cooked all the time :)… next time i will plan in april…

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