parrot cay babymoon

myseastory-2013-11-17-10every time we want to go off island for a quick get away, our favorite options are either miami for some shopping, or parrot cay for some rest and relax. a couple of months ago my friends and i went on a baby moon get away to parrot cay.


myseastory-2013-11-17-11not only we are always excited to go there, but they had just won number one on the world’s top 100 hotels by conde nast traveler – how amazing is that! the relaxed ambiance, the amazing setting, the delicious food and the always friendly staff make our experience unforgettable every-single-time. we are so lucky to have parrot cay as our next door island for weekend escapes.



their buffet breakfast is the best i’ve had, they have the best presentation and everything is delicious, it makes you want to have breakfast all morning long, as we did!myseastory-2013-11-17-8


we went to the spa several times, and i  had the best pre-natal treatment ever, i couldn’t recommend it enough, it was pure heaven. plus, i love their products with eucalyptus aroma, and always bring home their shower gel to take me back to their relaxing spa when i’m home.myseastory-2013-11-17-1

myseastory-2013-11-17-4myseastory-2013-11-17-6we went for long beach walks, relaxed with a book by the pool at our private villa, how lucky were we to stay here! and at night ordered room service, no one could get us out!


thank you, parrot cay, for yet another amazing and unforgettable weekend with the best friends!

parrot cay is definitely my favorite hotel in turks and caicos, but if you are staying somewhere else, and it’s not busy seasons, i recommend getting a day pass and at least spending the day on island – contact them through their website parrot cay by como.

check out my previous stays at parrot cay – here.

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