his dive story / 45

2013-04-03-his-dive-story-iIt’s been a while since I did a post on our favorite Caribbean reef sharks but I felt compelled to do one after this past Sunday’s dive at West Caicos. We were at the Gully and immediately after I descended (first one to splash), there were 4 sharks swimming around me.

It was very thrilling even though I tend to take these predators for granted as we see them quite often in most of our dives around the TCI but for some reason today, it felt different….They appear to be bigger than the usual ones I normally see!! Help!  LOL!

2013-04-03-his-dive-story-11They were still curious and swam by us a few times. There was one that came straight at me to test me but I held my ground at the last minute and it just turned to the side. Whew! Enjoy the vids and pics.

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5 thoughts on “his dive story / 45

  1. Hola! I enjoyed reading your blog as we prepare to spend this month of August there with our family! Would love to hear your suggestions on which other islands we should visit on this trip? We like to stay away from touristy things…but cannot decide what else we should visit (we have 2 young boys 2 and 7).

    many thanks!

    • unfortunatly i haven’t visited many other islands, but if you’re staying in providenciales, i do recommend you to go on a day trip to north and middle caicos. hope you’re enjoying your vacation :)

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