commonwealth day

2013-03-25-commonwealth daysorry i’ve been so MIA friends…i can’t believe how time flies, we’re already in spring – not that we notice any change in weather, or even look forward to the change of season*, here on island. provo is very busy, with spring break and now easter, the hotels are full, but the beaches are still quiet… the perks of turks and caicos!

luckily for us, today is a bank holiday, we are celebrating commonwealth day – so we have a three day working week! hope you have a lovely week ahead, my friends!

* ok, we do look forward to spring and a warmer weather in the northern hemisphere, so we can go on long weekends to new york :)

ps – i took this picture last week in chalk sound

2 thoughts on “commonwealth day

  1. Sogra, we found a new very secluded beach opposite of chalk sound. it is the beach that we have been looking for a long time! when i see pictures like this one that joana posted i wouldn’t want to be anywhere else as it is just so beautiful! wait for my dive pictures coming soon.

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