provo friends // stacie

this is the first post on a new series about island life, but instead of having me tell you about it, i invite other bloggers and provo friends to share their views on turks and caicos – hope you enjoy it. oh, and I’m so flattered to have Stacie posting today, her blog was the first one i found about life in provo and was such an inspiration.

Stacie here from Pepper&Pikey.  I moved to the Turks and Caicos Islands almost a decade ago in April of 2003.  I arrived on a set design contract, thinking I would be living the island life for a short six months.  Within a week I had met a tall, green-eyed cabinetmaker from Quebec, and destiny made other plans!  While google searching for images while planning our wedding three years ago, I stumbled into the wonderful world of blogs and infatuation developed instantly.  Here was a gateway to travel to distant lands, read incredible stories, collect ideas, gain knowledge in any area of interest, and be inspired, every single day while sipping my morning tea.  I began to blog myself first and foremost as a creative outlet and advertising tool, but also as a way to share insights about the island, and, let’s be honest, to validate my addiction to my favorite blogs!

why do you love living in provo – The first image illustrates why I love living in the Turks and Caicos.  This photo was taken at one of my favorite places on Provo, Southwest Bluff.

what are your favourite things to do on island on your weekends, days off? – Favorite things to do with free time? Swim, sail, explore!

where would you take  friend who came to visit just for a weekend? – Where would I take a friend if they only had the weekend?  My adventurous and nature enthusiast friends I would take to North and Middle Caicos, a full day bicycle tour that would include stops at Wade’s Green Plantation, Conch Bar Caves, and a picnic at Mudjin Harbor.  My history loving friends I would take to Grand Turk to be charmed by the people, the place.  An essential for any visitor of ours is getting out on the water, via boat or board, to experience being surrounded in every direction by that unforgettable blue.

The second and third images are from Mudjin Harbor, Middle Caicos in 2010 and the fourth image was taken at the Turks Head Mansion, Grand Turk in 2008.

thank you stacie, for sharing a piece of turks and caicos through your eyes!

check stacie out on her blog.

all images by stacie.

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