his dive story / 42

his-dive-story-42-bThis dive was in the channel. Somewhere between morthwest point and west caicos. The best time to dive the channel is when the tide is high as the reef wall is on a slippery slope so when the tide is receding the current will be unbearable, dragging you down towards the slope and the viz will be bad as all the silt will be kicked up.

Anyway on this dive we were told that this is usually where one would see gurnards, flying fishes but since last year’s hurricane they have seemed to have disappeared!  Well guess what???  I found them on this dive as i went off alone as i usually do a deep profile dive and it was on my way up was when i found these two gurnards.

his-dive-story-42Amazing looking especially when they open their wings and voila! The irresdescent blue spots are just so beautiful but one of them is missing part of its wing or else it was bitten off by another fish. Enjoy the video.

I used my new red filter on this video. Still testing and playing. I have now two INON macro lens that I stack and a new wide angle. Technique technique!!! Ciao and until next time – James

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One thought on “his dive story / 42

  1. Wow, underwater photos. Never did that till now. The pics are amazing and really interesting. Were you not a little bit afraid of shooting down there. What else did you do there I would like to know more about your trip. Like you even I love to travel but when I see someone Else’s photos I feel that I might have missed a lot for instance taking photos in the water like you…lol!!!

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