turks and caicos beaches // the bight

we go to the bight A LOT, and when i say a lot, i mean almost every weekend. it’s our go to next door beach. we like it because it’s a one minute drive from home, it’s easy to access and park, and it’s always almost empty. i call it luxury.

last weekend, it was particularly busy, maybe three other families spread out through the beach. but, because of the gansevoort and the beach house very near, there were a lot of people walking by the beach, and it felt nice, to see the parasailing, someone horseback riding, and a little more action than the usual.

the one thing i don’t like about this beach is, because there are no hotels in it, i don’t think anyone cleans it, so at certain times of the year, there are more algae on the sand than i would like.

ps – a post i did on the bight…too long ago!

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