his dive story / 41

Happy new year and hope you are off to a great start! Right before xmas, Joana and I booked a long weekend in Miami to quench our culinary cravings and to do some badly needed shopping. We also ordered loads of things online including my new underwater strobe package, lens adaptor, wet lens and filter. These guys (www.divervision.com) have everything and the prices are much less than in the US. They ship immediately with a choice of EMS or DHL.We shipped everything to our hotel and those guys were amazing in handling all those packages for us! All our packages were delivered to our room before we even checked in!

Anyway, enough of that. As with all new equipment, all my settings had to change and I had to do a lot of tests underwater as the INON S-2000 has a guide number of 20 which is more than double what I had before. I googled for tips and then tried them out underwater. I need to dive more now than ever! The strobe without a doubt is amazing and so compact for travel that I am amazed when my camera is next to others on the boat and it seems more like a toy!  But hey, it is all about streamlining for me.  Every gear I have is hooked on to my bcd. Check out some of the pics and hopefully in the near future, you can see how I am making progress.     Maybe I will pick up an INON wide angle with a dome next! My 28mm Leica wide angle loses so much underwater and the wide angle wet lens would restore most if not more back.

– James

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