christmas day in turks and caicos

this was what christmas day looked like for us, can you believe it? i kind of had to pinch and remind myself of how lucky we are to live here, enjoy these beautiful beaches and this weather all year long. so on christmas morning, instead of having breakfast and opening gifts with my family back home (as i have done all my life) we headed to grace bay club to see santa arrive by boat. in my imagination santa always came down the chimney, but in the provo we don’t have chimneys – thus santa had to find another way to reach us. it was a beautiful morning, there was a great atmosphere at the beach, the kids were all excited, everyone was out in a happy mood, wishing each other a merry christmas and drinking mimosas. and we  took pictures of santa too.

i hope your christmas was a happy one too!

4 thoughts on “christmas day in turks and caicos

  1. It’s our 1st xmas in the caribbean! What an experience it is to have these amazing colors flooding our senses…..

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