his dive story / 38

Hi all, it’s great to be back on island again and dive in the warm sea. When we were in Napoli last month, I managed to do 1 dive in plain view of Mt. Vesuvius and I tell ya, I could have used my dry suit! It was like 21c!

Anyway, in my first dive last Sunday, I caught sight of a fish that I had never seen before. We were at Northwest Point and our guide pointed it out for us. There were only three of us and we all had cameras. The fish is called a burrfish. I think my pic is better than the one in Wikipedia! Anyway, the fish was not at all shy and posed for us as we were taking turns snapping away!

Another fish that I saw was a flounder and it is fairly indigenous to the Caribbean. It was pretty well camouflaged on the white sand bottom but once you know what to look for, you can see it easily during your dives. Enjoy.

See my previous diving posts! – James

3 thoughts on “his dive story / 38

  1. I got my open water padi certification about a year about. One of the first thing I saw on my initial open water dive was a flounder. It is surreal to see them in person. Love the video and keep it coming!

  2. thanks for the kind note. do you get much diving since getting certified?
    Ines, Napoli is freezing cold. you need to come back to TCI and dive. :)

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