broadway market / london

i just came back from a short weekend in london. i always love going back, catching up with a few friends and live like a londoner for a couple of days.

one of my favourite plans is going to the broadway market, it’s a ritual i have with my friends – a healthy brunch at home and a morning spent in the market, buying fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, bread and pastries.

there is something special about this market that makes it different from other more popular ones in london – there is a neighborhood feeling to it.

i like starting with a capuccino from climpson and sons (always packed, but worth the wait) and then head to my favourite stalls in the market – the pesto from borough olives (i have never tasted one like this), and catherine tough’s lavender hearts are staple stops.

by the time we leave it’s lunch time, so we get to share a few snacks – a smoked salmon bruschetta, a mushroom risotto, and a garlicky courgette and artichoke pizza!

click HERE for broadway market’s website

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