his dive story / 37

Finally, the wreck on provo that I have been dying to dive since I moved here. Wreck diving is normally not on the tourist menu here in paradise as most tourists are happy enough doing 20m on the reef walls and seeing reef sharks…

The W.E. wreck is not your everyday type of dive due to its location (there is no mooring) and  strong currents. I happened to take last friday morning off and decided to go diving. The boat had 3 other experienced divers that morning and the sea was flat… Let’s do the wreck offered “Captain” Dave (owner of provo turtle divers) and the boat captain for that day was Art (original owner of the dive shop) took us there. I had such a rush to finally do a wreck dive! I had come from both Portugal and Malta where almost every other dive I did was a wreck dive…

The bow is around 30m and the stern 55m, I know, as I did the obligatory swim thru passed into the propeller. Woweee!! Had instant deco on my vr3.

It was a peacful dive, one I would love to spend more time next time. Prepare for a free ascent or bring your smb… Will bring my FAMI torch and penetrate!  Enjoy!

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