pretty pictures

laura and rodrigo are such a gorgeous couple!  they live here in provo and recently had their family photo session at the beach.

the pictures literally made my jaw drop! i specially like this one of their son maddox – he will be a heart breaker for sure!

i find these images amazing and truly show the feeling of turks and caicos – the light, the sea, the beach…

i see so many engagement and photo sessions around the web, but really, we live in the best setting to have them done.

wouldn’t it be awesome to book a session on your next visit to the island? i say totally worth it – sure want to have our’s done some day soon!

THANKS laura for sharing your pretty pictures!

ps – don’t these portuguese golden earrings look perfect on her?

images by james roy, from paradise photography

contact him on or 649.232.7776

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