dreams of sushi

hey friends, i hope you had a lovely weekend.

i have officially started the countdown for my vacation in portugal. and since i’m leaving in less than three weeks, all of a sudden i feel the urge to have long walks on the beach, do a lot of exercise and get a long lasting sun tan!

on the weekend, we watched the documentary jiro dreams of sushi – have you seen it? i love watching documentaries (and sushi!!). this one is about jiro ono, considered to be the world’s best sushi chef. it is beautifully done and gives you huge sushi cravings!

Find a job that you love, take pride in your work, and always strive to learn and improve.”

Have you any documentaries to recommend? Would love to hear :)

3 thoughts on “dreams of sushi

  1. great documentary. really makes you appreciate how much work and pride is put into a great sushi, aside from the key fresh ingredients watch it!

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