of course

we had a quiet weekend – had plans to go out for dinner on friday but the weather was threatening rain. when it rains we never go out for dinner, it sounds like we are lazy, but it’s actually because there aren’t many restaurants with indoor seating!

and when we woke up on saturday we were out of power…island wide? yes, it is possible. out of power for the whole day, and finally got it back at nine in the evening, just in time to save all our food in the fridge. but we had a good day. with no power…no cooking, no light, no tv, no internet, no mails – it seems you have more time for yourself, to spend time with your thoughts, to tidy up, to talk and to read.

we went to the beach too, of course.

i do hope you had a great weekend and here’s to a good week ahead!

image via pinterest, author unknown

2 thoughts on “of course

  1. Interestingly it sometimes happens in São Paulo too! haha.
    I hope I can visit this island soon, keep some lobsters and crabs for me!

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