turks and caicos beaches // grace bay beach

when we first moved to provo, we stayed in a house right on the beach, so we got up early and went for a beach walk before work. we were so grateful for our new life.

then we moved to a new place, but a 5 minute walk from the beach, so the morning walks stopped…

and lately i have forced myself to go back to that routine. provo has amazing things –  being close to the beach + good weather + no traffic = no excuses! i would love to share a few pictures of my morning walks at grace bey beach.

i start off at grace bay club and only this gets me in a good mood!

i then head east, towards pelican beach – i see the tourists arriving to the beach from their resorts. the early birds are the ones with kids, or if they are leaving on a day out on the boat. there are a lot of people walking and running too.

i always have to stop at the coral house, it’s the most beautiful house in provo, with no one to see near it and a gorgeous strip of beach right in front.

on the way back i am tired, the sun is usually warmer, but i feel happy to have started the day achieving something!

4 thoughts on “turks and caicos beaches // grace bay beach

  1. Oi Joana, seu blog continua muito legal e lindo! Vou dividir com uma amiga que está planejando uma viagem para TCI em novembro, assim ela vai vendo o que a espera. Beijos, Gi

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