a pretty good day

as you can imagine, life here in paradise, doesn’t feel like paradise every single day. as in most places, you have good days and, let’s say, less good days. and today i feel is a pretty good day.

i had to run some errands in the morning, went downtown to pay a bill and then to wiv (our local internet and tv company) to pay another bill. when i was leaving wiv i realized i didn’t have my phone with me. i have to say i am the type of person to whom these things happen more often than i would like to admit… and it just gets me soooo mad. i could hear little voices in my head saying how could have done that, how can you lose you phone, how could you have left it behind…

so i went back in wiv asking if anyone had seen my phone, the security and the manager looked everywhere and she even called from her personal number whilst i checked in the car in case it was hiding somewhere. they were so helpful and suggested running back downtown to look for it where i had been earlier.

so i went back, parked in the exact same place and asked around, but nothing to be seen.

when i was about to go back i see a security coming out of a shop and calling me. i was like is he calling me? is this my lucky day? is he really calling me? so i went in and he asked me if i had lost something. then he showed me the phone and a report he had written on the occurrence. i could not stop smiling and telling him how thankful i was. i asked him how could i thank him and he kept on saying pray for me, just remember to pray for me and i’ll be happy.

somehow i had a feeling that i would find it, i had a feeling that someone good hearted would find it and keep it for me. and provo has this things that really surprise you in an uber positive way!

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