turks and caicos beaches // turtle tail

almost a year ago, when james’ cousin peter came over to visit, we found this perfect place to go for a quick dive. the access isn’t easy, and we just found it by chance, in the middle of nowhere.

since then we haven’t been able to go back, because whenever we tried, the sea was very rough and impossible to get in the water with all the rocks. so when my mum and sister came over we gave it another try.

it was so quiet and calm and the water perfect, there we loads of little fish swimming around us – and so peaceful.

it’s not the perfect place to go snorkeling, as there isn’t much to see, but it’s the perfect place to stay in the water and chat all afternoon!

i’m all into white sandy beaches, but there is something about this rocky one that i love – it reminds me of the mediterranean and it’s nice for a change.

more pics on facebook

3 thoughts on “turks and caicos beaches // turtle tail

  1. i hope it is our secret place for a while! i love the water there and it is all mostly coral white sand at the bottom and shallow too….. Peter took some nice pics there.

  2. so, that amazing beach is called turtle beach ?!
    the transparency of the water is fantastic, and fresh. over there it is so quiet, no one. it is paradise. thanks james and joana for letting us know that beach.

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