last week my mum and i went to visit the factory of a portuguese ceramic brand…ok, the truth is, what we really went to check out their store!

bordalo pinheiro is a portuguese pottery brand founded in 1885, it is about an hour away from lisbon, and although we can find their pieces sold in shops around lisbon, it is so much more exciting to go directly to the source.

every single portuguese woman has a piece of bordalo pinheiro ceramic at home, they are gorgeous and so affordable.

i dream of collecting tons of mugs and plates and tea pots, and i should’ve definitely brought these little creatures with me!

images 1 and 2 via mafalda pinto leite, image 3 by myseastory

4 thoughts on “ceramic

  1. Just discovered this kind of pottery and absolutely want to go to Lisbon now after running across your blog. Can you give an approximate price range for these dishes? (i.e. plates to soup tureens to cups?) what did you and your mum end up buying??

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