have a healthy weekend

we had a busy week in provo, it seems everybody is finally back from vacation and back into routine.

james and i watched two documentaries that are making us rethink the way we eat – food inc and forks over knives, have you seen them? it really opened our eyes to how the food industries have evolved in an unhealthy way, and it’s up to us, consumers, not to accept  the processed and full of chemical product that are out there in the supermarkets.

we are not radicals, and in provo you can’t be because there aren’t many options, but whenever possible, we want to go for the veggies, the fruit, the grains and the unprocessed, the organic and the locally grown.

food for thought…hoping you have great weekend!

ps – i guest posted at running heels this week, go check it out HERE

2 thoughts on “have a healthy weekend

  1. Janezinha,
    A minha irmã anda há 1 ano a dizer que toda a gente deve ver o Food Inc! Ela começou por ver um programa da Oprah com o Michael Pollan e não descansou enquanto não pôs toda a família a ver! De facto, depois de se ver, nada é igual.
    Temos de mudar este mundo!
    Eu sinto que estamos a fazer a nossa parte.

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